Security and Human Rights Grant


Are you a national or local civil society organisation based in the Global South and working in fragile contexts, where extractive industries have an impact on Security and Human Rights?

Are you striving to promote human rights, while acknowledging that security is a fundamental need, shared by individuals, communities, businesses and governments alike?

Are you specialized or experienced in working with gender and/or human rights defenders and/or media in support of social and economic development?

Are you ready to promote constructive dialogue and engage with actors coming from the private and the public sector to promote human rights compliant security practices around extractive operations?

Given the potential impact of extractive sector operations on security and human rights, for the purpose of this grant period, the Security and Human Rights Grant will award two to three innovative projects seeking to improve security and human rights good practices in contexts where extractive businesses are operating. A maximum of 30’000 CHF will be allocated per project. Projects should not exceed six months.

Please find below all the relevant information for an application for the Security and Human Rights Grants:

Eligibility Checklist - are you admissible for the Grant?

General Information for the Security and Human Rights Grant 2019

Project Proposal Template (to be completed to submit your projet)

Budget Template (to be completed to submit your project)

The deadline for application is 15 November 2019.
We will reply to eventual questions directly on the Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ page.