Our collective work on global and regional policy is guided by ILC’s vision that secure and equitable access to, and control over, land reduces poverty and contributes to identity, dignity and inclusion. In addition, being an alliance of civil society and intergovernmental organisations, ILC strongly advocates for meaningful dialogue and inclusive participation in land governance, at all levels.

In practice, this means facilitating multi-stakeholder platforms and discussions, promoting civil society’s autonomous and informed engagement in decision-making, and fostering practical collaboration among Members and other land-concerned actors whenever possible. Whilst ILC Members recognise the diversity of some of their positions, they all commit to learn together and build the highest possible level of consensus within the Coalition.

This consensus is captured in the Declarations adopted by regional and global Assemblies of Members. Whilst ensuring coherence in our policy work, these messages can also evolve and adapt to meet members’ changing priorities and needs. The foundation for ILC’s policy messages derive from ILC’s ten Commitments to People Centred land Governance [link]. These provide a focus for ILC Members in how they apply in their work the Voluntary Governance on Responsible Governance of Tenure, and the Framework and Guidelines on Land Policy in Africa.  

The policy work of ILC is facilitated at global level by the ILC Secretariat and at regional level by Regional Coordination Units.  Members engage in land-related global and regional policy events and processes either in their individual capacity, or collectively on the basis of agreed ILC positions. ILC members can share their global policy work through the ILC Blog [link], please inform us if you would like to do so.

Global Policy Working Towards the Commitments (INITIATIVES)