Regional Committees

Regional Committees are composed of the elected Council Members from the region, the host of the Regional Coordination Unit, and any other member as elected by regional assemblies. Regional Committees are accountable to the regional assemblies. Regional Committee members are nominated for a maximum of one term, which expires at the following AoM (every three years).

The composition of the Regional Committee reflects the geographical and organisational diversity of the Regional Platform. The Regional Coordinator and Secretariat Director are ex-officio members of the Regional Committees. The core functions of Regional Committees are to:

  • oversee the organisation of the Regional Assemblies;
  • provide guidance on regional work plans and budgets, including on resource mobilisation;
  • ensure an appropriately structured Regional Coordination Unit is in place and effectively working; and
  • represent regional views in the Council and ensure institutional matters are reflected in the work of the regions. 

ILC has three Regional Steering Committees in Africa, Asia and Latin America & the Caribbean.

Latin America

Ismael Merlos

Latin America Steering Committee Member


Latin America Steering Committee Member

Patricia Chaves

Latin America Steering Committee Member
Espaço Feminista