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Back to the roots

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Madagascar holds a national dialogue on securing community land rights

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Botswana on Multi-stakeholder governance blog

Indigenous groups come together to strengthen rights

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What we do

Kilimanjaro Initiative

  • Mobilising and supporting the participation of 100,000 rural women in the Kilimanjaro initiative in at least 20 countries in Africa
  • Strengthening the agency and movement of rural women in claiming and defending  their land and natural resource rights in Africa
  • Engendering political will amongst national governments, donor and regional institutions to implement an all-inclusive African women’s charter
  • Raising awareness on existing frameworks and safeguards around large scale land based investments and their application in securing legitimate tenure rights of rural women in Africa

ILC Action Plan for Indigenous Peoples Land Rights in Africa

  • Strengthening capacity of Indigenous Peoples' organisations and networks within and outside of ILC to advocate for the rights of their constituents and actively engage in national and regional land-related processes (Connect)
  • Documenting best practices, human interest stories and lessons learnt for knowledge management, and influencing policy and practice for securing Indigenous Peoples' land rights (Mobilise)
  • Promoting dialogue with and influencing key decision makers at the national, regional and global level for implementation of pro-poor land policies and reforms that reflect Indigenous Peoples' rights (Influence)

Rangelands Initiative

  • Exploring how rangelands can be made more secure for rangeland users, including pastoralists and how such security can better contribute to development processes
  • Providing access to information on different tenure types and governance systems that have had a positive impact towards securing tenure for rangeland users and their development processes
  • Sharing experiences between those working with and for rangeland users and with/between the rangeland users themselves, on how best land and resources can be protected in the future and under the influence of increasing and new challenges
  • Building capacity of ILC members and partners to play a greater role in processes, mechanisms and activities for securing rangelands for rangeland users