Dissemination of Senegal's land policy document as part of the country's National Engagement Strategy formulation process

Friday, 2nd February 2018

In the context of the National Engagement Strategy (NES) formulation process, the ILC and the FAO helped CNCR, IPAR, IED Afrique, CICODEV and their partners of the CRAFS alliance organise a meeting in the Mboro agro-ecological zone, with the aim of gathering feedback from the grassroot level and defining a legal framework which would be relevant to the farmers' needs.

This three-day meeting (January 25-27, 2018), organised in partnership with CNCR in the Niayes area, was the first event of the NES process. It focused on the presentation and piloting of the new evaluation grid for land-based investment projects which was developed as part of the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land in Senegal.

The main goal of the NES formulation project is to ensure the sustainability of the existing platform in order to identify possible joint actions. More specifically, it will strengthen and extend the national platform (P-DV/GV) in Senegal, and lead to the formulation of a three-year NES programme in a participatory and inclusive way.

The three-day Mboro meeting began with a field visit to Mbar Ndiaye, a village which lies in the area of operations of Industries Chimiques du Sénégal (ICS) and whose inhabitants were displaced to Pire.
The workshop was attended by some 50 participants representing several types of land users (farmers, breeders, fishermen, etc.), local representatives and the Director-General of the Horticulture Directorate.

The discussions focused on:

  • Disseminating the land policy document;
  • Following up on the civil society's proposals on the tenure reform process;
  • Approving the civil society's contribution to the land audit for the Niayes region;
  • Piloting the evaluation grid for land-based investment projects.

Source: http://www.ipar.sn/Le-document-de-politique-fonciere-du-Senegal-partage-a-Mboro-Zone-des-Niayes.html?lang=en