ILC Africa members celebrate International Women’s Day

Wednesday, 3rd April 2019

The 2018 Global Gender Gap report shows that though countries have done much to improve gender parity, there is still a wide gap to cover.

When women celebrated the international women’s on March 8 2019, ILC members took the opportunity to advocate for women’s right to own and have control over land through various forums and initiatives. From Western to Central and Eastern to Southern Africa, ILC members held symbolic events in solidarity with women.

Southern Africa Region

In Southern Africa, members held events in South Africa and Zambia. The Nkuzi Development Association organised a working session with small scale farmers, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Agriculture Sector Education Training Authority (AgriSETA). At the events, it presented the Land Network National Engagement Strategy (LandNNES), a South African multi-stakeholder process set in motion by the International Land Coalition (ILC) to promote people-centred land governance.

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The Zambia Land Alliance (ZLA) took to the streets to campaign for equal access to land. It covered 3.3km to call for women’s right.

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Eastern Africa

In Eastern Africa, events happened in Tanzania where the highlight was around the Beijing commitments. National Engagement Strategy (NES) Tanzania held several events, including an engagement meeting with the Commissioner for Lands and free legal clinics in Dodoma to advise women how to secure their lands.

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Central Africa

Here, the Social Cultural and Development Association (MBOSCUDA) held a discussion on women’s rights, gender-based violence and the use of technology for innovation and peacebuilding. Read Ms Manu and Ms Bouba’s  blog for more.

Western Africa

In Togo, Auto promotion rurale pour un Développement Humain Durable (ADHD)  held a meeting on March 8th, 2019 at Hihéatro in the Amu prefecture. The event offered a platform for women to discuss their rights.