Liberia: more voices support civil society’s press for a better land rights law

Wednesday, 22nd August 2018

In a statement, Land Rights Now supports the civil society’s call for Liberian policymakers to review and pass a people centred land rights bill

“Public land and protected areas need to be designated in a transparent and participatory manner,” reads a protest sign outside Liberia's House of Senate on May 29 2018. The House had just received a petition from the civil society to update and pass a pro-community land rights bill.

For several months, the civil society in Liberia, Africa and the world have been calling for a pro-people land rights in the country.

Since the start of the campaign, Land Rights Now have worked closely with the Civil Society Working Group on Land Rights in Liberia to lobby state officials and policymakers. Over 30,000 of its members from around the world supported the civil society in Liberia in their quest for change.

Recently, it released a statement calling for “President George Weah and the Senate to pass a robust Land Rights Act that ensures tenure security for millions of vulnerable citizens and guarantees indigenous and local community land rights”.

Read the full statement here.