WILDAF strengths women CSO capacity on transformational leadership and Advocacy.

Friday, 5th July 2019

To deepen knowledge and consolidate the achievements of the first training, the Women in Law and Development in Africa (WILDAF) - West Africa, organised on July 2 - 3 2019 a second workshop on transformational leadership and advocacy.

This workshop follows the first training held from 4 - 6 April 2018. The meeting   brought together participants who have benefited from the initial training; especially members of civil society organisations (CSOs), whose work has the potential to influence rural women.

The workshop focused on positive change in individuals and social systems. It sought to improve the motivation, morale and performance of individuals, allies and CSOs through a variety of mechanisms.

At the workshop, participants set visions and goals to be achieved by their organisation in the field of women's land rights. They also committed to promoting human empowerment through performance and the search for excellence. To foster the spirit of motivational and transformative leadership among participants, the workshop created conditions to bring about changes in the implementation of women's land rights in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment.

WILDAF is delighted to have hosted this second workshop, which gave participants the opportunity to acquire new skills that and will enable them to coach their members to formulate and implement improved gender sensitive plans.

The workshop is part of the Women's Land Rights for Inclusive Development and Growth in Africa (WIDGRA), a project, funded by the European Union and implemented by Oxfam and a host of ILC members. The project works to ensure women's access to and control over land resources across Africa by supporting and strengthening women's voices. Via leadership and advocacy, it plans to accomplish its objective and hopes.

This article was first written by WILDAF, and repurposed for this platform. See the original here: http://wildaf-ao.org/index.php/fr/actualite/actualite/1081-droit-foncier-des-femmes-renforcer-la-capacite-d-action-des-osc-en-leadership-transformationnel-et-plaidoyer