Regional Assemblies

Every year, pressure on land grows and associated challenges often greatly affect development and the fight against poverty. Population explosion, industrialisation, migration, wars, disasters, climate change soils degradation, among others exacerbates land issues in the African continent. To tackle these key new, and incessant urgent land concerns, ILC members meet every year in a Regional Assembly.

The Regional Assemblies bring together a broad range of Civil Society Organisations from all over Africa, members of ILC at regional and national levels with diverse experiences and interests to discuss and find solutions to continental land challenges.

Here, structured exchange of information and experience amongst members greatly strengthens the Coalitions dispersed efforts, enhance communication, and promote coherence, and increase collaboration and partnerships.

The Assemblies also serve a great deal for decision-making. Members validate the regional work plans, initiatives, plan, and adopt activities they would lead in the next year.

The target group of Regional Assemblies involve ILC members and partners. Some specific sessions and activities held within the Assemblies usually open up to the wider development community.