Managing communal pasture areas for goats in Inhassoro District, Mozambique: A manual for trainers

This manual is an output of the training course and was prepared by a team of researchers from ILRI in collaboration with technical staff from CARE Mozambique and Yvane Marblé. It is aimed at trainers of extension officers and other development agents who are responsible for training of smallholder goat keeper groups in Inhassoro District, Mozambique. The authors are grateful to Ann Waters-Bayer for facilitating contributions from members of the following mailing lists: Coalition of European Lobbies for Eastern African Pastoralism, Community of Practice for Pro-poor Livestock Development, Endogenous Livestock Development, Participatory Technology Development Forum and Prolinnova. The contributions of Pier-Paolo Ficarelli, Michael Blümmel and Kees Swaans of ILRI and Camila Rivero-Maldonado and Amosse Maheme of CARE Mozambique are gratefully acknowledged.