Strengthening women's tenure security in Northern Uganda toolkit

This Toolkit by Landesa, shows how to apply a women first approach for securing women’s land rights in the customary context. This approach starts with the premise that effectively addressing women’s land tenure issues requires a nuanced understanding of women’s particular challenges, needs, opportunities, and aspirations regarding land. The Toolkit presents a step-by-step process for designing, implementing, and evaluating a project that works with women to improve their land tenure security through context-specific, responsive local engagement.

The Toolkit is made up of four components: Plan, Engage, Reflect, and Share. It provides the tools and insights needed to adapt each project’s approach to the local context, to implement it, to reflect upon the project’s effectiveness, and to share successes and lessons learned from the process. The Toolkit also contains case studies to illustrate how implementation of the approach worked in the project in Northern Uganda. You will also find Tips and Insights for each step, as well as a checklist to help guide you as you work through each section of the Toolkit.

There is also a Toolbox containing practical tools to help with implementation of each step of the process.