A synthesis report of action-research projects on women’s access to land from Southern Africa

The Securing Women’s Access to Land (SWAL) project had four objectives: (i) to fill critical information gaps; (ii) to produce credible research findings; (iii) to carry out action and action-oriented research; and (iv) to link findings to policy on women’s land rights, access and control over land in the southern African region.

SWAL project activities included action research, dialogues, a writing workshop, as well as participation in conferences and a Learning Route. This synthesis report is based on information gathered from the February 2010 writing workshop, which aimed to support researchers in their report-writing and gender-analysis capacities, and the March 2010 Learning Route. The Learning Route provided an opportunity for participants from Southern and Eastern Africa to share experiences through field visits to projects aimed at securing women’s access to land in Eastern Africa.