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Using green economy to mitigate climate change in Kyrgyzstan

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Open letter to the Prime Minister of India about Nagaland peace talk

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Civil society organisations in Cambodia strive for inclusion in implementing land governance policies

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What we do

Strengthening small-scale farming systems through knowledge sharing and policy advocacy work by: 

  • Sharing sessions on best small farming techniques and the implementation of VGGTs
  • Formulating template and draft policy instruments on VGGTs for small-scale farming
  • Developing a module on post-land distribution
  • Consulting on fair agri-venture agreements and the development of a toolkit for assessing regulations and compliance of agri-business engagements.

Equitable rights for herders and marginalized poor in pastoral and rural communities in Asia

  • Developing recommendations on the use of diverse tenure systems for pasture/forest land
  • Mapping existing policy instruments favouring customary and traditional land rights of pastoralists in Asia 
  • Demonstrating the impacts of existing land policies of pastoralists through the use of stories and case studies
  • Campaigning for access to the commons 

Ensuring Gender Justice: Enriching the Land Rights Now Movement

1.    Recognition of feminization of agriculture and women as farmers.
2.    To increase women’s access, control and ownership of public and private land and natural resources
3.    To have enhanced capacity and competence on regional and global level advocacy

Advancing the recognition of Indigenous People’s land rights through evidence-based advocacy

  • Trainings, technical and financial support for community mapping, monitoring and documentation
  • Supporting communities with campaign and mobilisation efforts 
  • Contributing to a region-wide monitoring and documentation efforts on the current state of Indigenous Peoples’ lands
  • Campaigning and advocating in Thailand and Myanmar for the passage of laws recognizing Indigenous Peoples’ customary lands

Pilot, Adapt and Scale-up Solutions: People-Centred Ecosystem Management

  • Preliminary regional meeting of ILC members to agree on common documentation templates/processes and national policy campaign strategies
  • Implementation of activities at local and national level to transform experiences into policy platforms and advocacy campaigns (2 countries per sub-region in Asia: Central, South, Southeast and Mekong sub-region)
  • Regional forum to share national experiences and formulation of a regional advocacy platform on people-centred ecosystem management
  • Learning visits to successful projects and promotional campaigns

Empowering communities for inclusive decision-making on land tenure and property rights

  • Documenting concrete cases to be used for business sectors on fair agri-venture agreements
  • Generating and disseminating knowledge, including manuals on strategies and approaches to inclusive decision-making
  • Convening regional multi-stakeholder foras to dialogue with key governments and intergovernmental agencies

Sustainable, Reliable and Transparent Data and Information Towards Responsible Land Governance

  • Land Watch Asia allows partners to lobby for the formulation of pro-poor legislation on access to land as well as influence national land land-related policies
  • Strengthening capacities by monitoring the implementating land laws and programmes through evidence-based advocacy
  • Enhancing and expanding a regional spatial data platform managed and updated by ILC members

Common Action Facing Land Grabbing in Asia

  • Influencing Policy Making Processes at National Level Through IGO/INGO institution and CSO’s Alliance
  • Developing People Awareness on Land Grabbing through popular campaigns
  • Developing common regional standards on safeguards in regulating investments operation
  • Providing legal aid and service on land conflicts and rapid response through a Caucus supporting at the national level: Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, and Bangladesh
  • Establishing informal network ‘caucus’ of ILC members that will identify a team of lawyers, activists, researchers, on Human Rights Defenders on land in Asia that can be mobilized when needed immediate response
  • Building capcities to protect against land grabbing through training at National level for local leaders in CSOs, women, IPs, and govt in 4 countries: India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh