Annual Asia Regional Assembly 2018: New Asia Steering Committee and Members of Asia

Monday, October 15, 2018

The regional assembly accepted the new members as well as the new elected Asia Steering Committees (ASC) for 2019 – 2021 period. 

The Asia regional Assembly conducted back to back with the Global Land Forum in Bandung, September 23rd 2018. Being attended by the 54 member organisation’s representatives consist of the existing plus the new joined members, this year’s Regional Assembly brings a new color to the forum. The Assembly was successfully chaired by Mr. Aneesh Kumar of Ekta Parishad India and co chaired by Ms Mardah Tilla of RMI Indonesia, to approve the annual report, annual plan, and the election of new steering committees.

The new accepted members of ILC Asia consist of National  Pasture Users Association (AKJ) Kyrgyzstan, Namuulan Gankhuyag – Mongolia, Center for Policy Research (CPR) Mongolia, Working Group on Women and Land Ownership (WGWLO) India, KRAPAVIS India, Nagorik Uddyog Bangladesh, CPA Phillipines, Society For Promotion of Wasteland Development (SPWD) India, and Partners Of Community Organisations (PACOS) Malaysia. Represented by the Assembly of the Chair, the forum proudly greets and welcomes the new members.

The assembly was successfully to elect the new Steering Committees to guide the platform from 2019 until 2021. To elect the committee, each of the sub-region conducted a caucus meeting, and once finally reached the consensus, the members reported back to the forum on the elected member to sit as the Steering Committee.


Elected Steering Committees are Dinesh Rabari of MARAG, India, Chet Charya of STAR Kampuchea, Cambodia, Kuluipa Akmatova of RDF, Kyrgysztan, and Dewi Kartika of KPA, Indonesia as the ILC Asia Regional Coordination Unit host. The forum also agreed to vote for Mr. Dinesh Rabari and Ms, Chet Charya to sit as the Council Member in Global Secretariat.

The Asia Regional Coordinator, Mr. Saurlin Siagian extended his gratitude to the outgoing Steering Committee members for their dedication and contribution for the ILC Asia for the past three years.