ILC in Beijing: forging new partnerships!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

27-28 October 2014, Beijing, China - The latest 'Framing the Debate issue' analyses land governance in China. The paper was launched at the International Conference on Land Governance and Reform Experiences from Emerging and Developing Countries in Beijing, co-organised by the...

In three decades, China has lifted over 500 million people out of extreme poverty – a success that is unrivalled in history. In conjunction, it has become the second largest economy in the world. The latest issue of the Framing the Debate Series tries to explain how land governance has made a difference for this Chinese miracle.

The issue on Land Governance in China was commissioned by the International Land Coalition to explain in simple terms the current status of land governance in China, its evolution over time, and the critical issues that are still under debate. It also sheds light on China’s international cooperation and investment policies on land abroad. The China issues follows previous Framing the Debate issues in Africa, Asia and Brazil.

The authors of the issue - six Chinese land experts - argue that China’s land tenure system is at a critical juncture. Should it pursue further market-oriented reform of tenure? Or should it maintain the household responsibility system? Which role does China want for family farming, and which role for agribusiness?

The publication was launched at the International Conference on Land Governance and Reform Experiences from Emerging and Developing Countries –Research Updates and Strategic Collaboration in Beijing, co-organised by the International Land Coalition, Renmin University of China, China Land Survey and Planning Institute (CLSPI) and China Land Science Society (CLSS).

By bringing together land experts from China and other emerging and developing countries, the conference marked a milestone in the history of China’s land debate, as it provided an occasion to discuss the findings of the Framing the Debate issue, triggered a debate between scholars and policy makers in China, and allowed the exchange of experiences and perspectives from other emerging economies and developing countries.

The conference also marked a milestone in the history of the International Land Coalition, as it was the first time that ILC organised an event in this important country that remains unrepresented in ILC’s membership. Thanks to the  all of the research behind this issue and its launch in Beijing, exciting and crucial new collaborations were set up with Chinese organisations such as Renmin University, CLSPI and CLSS.

To get a glance of the discussions, the proceedings of this conference are now available. They collect the contributions and intervention of participants from China, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Nepal, Philippines, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Kenya, Ghana, Peru, Brazil as well as representatives from the World Bank, the Africa Land Policy Institute and ILC Secretariat.