Surprise at GLF Opening: Indonesian's Agrarian Reform Presidential Regulation is signed

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The International Land Coalition sets a new history in the agrarian reform journey in Indonesia through the Global Land Forum 2018 Opening Ceremony on September 24th, 2018. 

The day where the National Peasants’ Day commemorated by the Indonesian citizen becomes a bold history when the floor announced that Presidential Regulation on Agrarian Reform no 86/2018 is officially issued. The atmosphere suddenly gives the room a shiver, when big applause and standing ovation filling out the air, while tears can be seen on the eyes of the agrarian reform activists, including those of Ms. Dewi Kartika’s, the Secretary General of the Consortium for Agrarian Reform.

The Presidential Regulation regulates land governance, agrarian conflict settlement, agrarian reform implementation, and TORA (Agrarian Reform Land Areas).

In Indonesia, agrarian reform is not a new idea, it has been governed since the Country’s first President’s era, under Basic Agrarian Law No. 5/1960 and also one of the main political priorities for the current administration called as Nawacita.

The Presidential Regulation no. 86/2018 aims to unclog the barriers encountered during the implementation of land redistribution, certification of the TORA, as well as people’s economy empowerment. This regulation is also a way to syncronise agrarian reform and food sovereignty.

The opening ceremony of the Global Land Forum conducted in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, and was being attended by more than 1000 people from 84 countries.

The event opened by the National Organising Chairwoman, Ms. Dewi Kartika, followed by International Land Coalition Director, Mr. Mike Taylor, who was not only welcoming the delegates, but also delivered his appreciation toward the achievement Indonesian Government has made. Yet at the same time, he also encouraging genuine agrarian reform to be realised in the country.


Speaking on behalf of the Government of Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Muldoko, Head of the President Executive Office also greeted the delegates, while also support the TORA to be realised immediately.

The opening session was closed by a Peasants’ Declaration reading, which urge the Government to immediately return the land rights to the people, and to halt any form of criminalisation against the peasants.

The President's speech was delivered by Mr Darmin Nasution, Indonesia's Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, stating that economic growth is not complete without equality, justice, and sustainability.


The second half of the event was enriched by land issues occurring in Asia, presenting experts from Asian countries on landrights for peasants and IndigenousPeoples; "Agrarian Reform & Indigenous Land Recognition in Asia - Achievement".

The session enriched by valuable insights from Mr. Tony Quizon from Philippines, Ms. Yohana Susana Yembise, Indonesian Minister of Women Empowerment and Children Protection, Mr. Barristee Raja Devavish Roy of Bangladesh (UNFPII Member), and Ms. Joyce Godio of AIPP, Thailand.


Another roundtable discussion session discussed about Promoting People Centered Land Governance in Asia. The session was sparked with Mr. Ahmad Taufan Damanik, Indonesian Human Rights Commission Head, Mr. Aneesh Kumar of EktaParishad, India, Mr. Noer Fauzi Rachma, senior researcher of SAINS, Indonesia, Ms. Tevita Boseiwaqa Taginavulau (Director General of CIRDAP.


The historical day was closed by bestowing an appreciation for land and agrarian activist who have been spending most of his/her life to fight the rights of land. ILC Asia recognized four persons, Mr. V.P. Rajgopal from India, Mr. Gunawan Wiradi for Indonesia, Mr. Tony Quezon from Philippines, and Mr. Shamsul Huda from Bangladesh.


The world shall remember Bandung, not only because the Asia Africa Solidarity established in the city back in 1955, but also, at the same venue, the Presidential Regulation of Agrarian reform is officially announced, as one of the best legacy of Global land Forum.