Countdown to GLF 2018!

Thursday, 30th August 2018

Indonesian National Anthem filling out the ballroom in Akmani Hotel, Jakarta, August 3rd 2018. The attendees from Government, Human Rights commissions, parliament members, and the CSOs, as well as farmers, peasant unions, and academics were arisen from their sit and expressing their nationalism by singing the anthem together. In this moment, all were one, united for one purpose; bringing social justice for farmers, indigenous peoples, rural women and youth, toward their land rights, through the Global Land Forum (GLF) 2018.


Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA) held a launching event of the Global Land Forum (GLF) which to be organised during September 22nd -27th  2018 last week in Jakarta. August 3rd then marks as the day where the GLF countdown begins.

Representatives from President Executive Office, Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Human Rights Commissions, CSOs leaders were gathered as the National Organising Committee, together with the peasant unions and academics. 

The launching event was officially commenced by a ceremony hitting the bamboo musical instrument which becomes a symbol of the countdown.

Speaking during the opening remarks, Mr. Iwan Nurdin, KPA National Council Chairman rest assured that GLF 2018 will be the moment to deliver social justice for all. While Ms. Dewi Kartika, KPA Secretary General is being optimistic that the GLF will be the forum to seek for new innovations on land conflict resolutions, she also stated that a declaration will be constructed by the peasants and she ensured that the GLF will result a concrete outcome on land related issues for the farmers and indigenous peoples.

On the same occasion, Mr. Yanuar Nugroho, Deputy II of President’s Executive Office delivered his optimism that the GLF will be the right forum for exchanging knowledge and practices with other countries’ government on issues related to land governance. He expressed his positive welcome to build collaboration with the CSOs, since the CSOs are the right partner for the government, particularly for land rights issues which also included within the agrarian reform and social forestry scheme under the President Joko Widodo’s administration.

The launching event also presented a discussion session which invited representatives from President Executive Office, Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Parliament Member, and Academic, hosted by the Consortium for Agrarian Reform. The topic lingering in the session was about the land related conflicts and how the government building a mechanism to resolve them. Ms. Dewi Kartika delivered her point of view that so far the government was seen as somewhat ignoring issues related to land rights eventhough the agrarian reform is included within the Presiden Jokowi's administration agenda, however this statement was corrected by the Government. Mr. Yanuar Nugroho stated that the President Executive Office had formed a team on conflict settlement acceleration who conduct inspection to the conflicted area, KSP also always encourages to incorporate land conflict issues into Presidential Decree, whilst Ministry of Environment and Forestry informed that a Directorate of Tenure Conflict and Indigenous Peoples has been built to settle land related conflicts. Ministry of Agrarian Reform and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency added by saying that an agrarian reform task force has been formed, and in charges to retrieve reports and complaints on land related conflicts.


Ms. Dewi Kartika closed the discussion by ensuring that the GLF enables the civil society and the multi-stakeholder platform to find a concrete resolution through innovations, knowledge, and learning being exchanged with other countries.

Mr. Gunawan Wiradi, an important figure in agrarian reform movement in Indonesia closed the session by emphasizing that the current conflicts on agrarian reform are the products resulted from the previous history. He encouraged to comprehend first about the definition of agrarian reform, and emphasized that agrarian reform cannot be implemented as a routine task, and cannot seen as an asset reform nor merely as land registration.

The launching event was concluded by giving Media Award for the journalists who have been very active in writing and covering news or stories related to agrarian reform issues.

Story and picture by ILC Asia