Eviction of indigenous and marginalized people in Bangladesh need to be stopped!

Wednesday, 8th August 2018

A seminar to discuss on Eviction of indigenous and marginalized people occurred in Dhaka, Bangladesh in commemorating the International Indigenous People’s Day, August 08, 2018.

Advocate Sultana Kamal, a human rights activist and former Caretaker Government’s Adviser chaired the seminar. Mr. Fazle Hossain Badsah, M.P. Convenor, Parliamentary Caucus on Indigenous Affairs attended the session as an Honorable Guest. The seminar invited Mr. Sanjib Drong, Ms. Khushi Kabir, Chairperson of ALRD, Ms. Yen Yen, Queen of Chakma Circle, CHT, Prof. Mesbah Kamal, Prof. Amena Mohsin and Dr. Robayet Ferdous of Dhaka University, Advocate Rana Dasgupta, Secretary General, Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist and Christian Unity Forum and Rabindranath Soren, Chairman, Bangladesh Adibasi Porishod as the keynote speakers.

Mr. Sanjeeb Drong said that the indigenous people in Bangladesh are still being tortured and repressed; they are forced to leave the country and being evicted from their land. At the same session, he suggested to take specific actions in order to protect the land and the rights of the IPs. He put forward several recommendations in his paper, including (i) Enacting Indigenous Peoples’ Protection Act; (ii) Constitutional recognition of the indigenous people; (iii) Formation of separate land commission for the indigenous people of the plains; (iv) Activating Land Dispute Resolution Commission for the CHT; (v) Ensuring meaningful participation of the indigenous people in the development process.

The seminar involved 17 partner organizations and demanded on formation of a separate commission as well as a protection law to prevent migration of the ethnic and indigenous communities. A recognition of indigenous communities through reformation of the constitution to establish their rights to the IPs’ lands and resources is also one of the demand addressed in the said event.

*News and pics source from ALRD (Association for Land Reform and Development)