First Inauguration of “Sambo Network Agricultural Cooperative” in Cambodia

Tuesday, 30th January 2018

Villages Based Farmer Associations which are members of Farmers Nature Net (FNN) District Network in Sambo district, Kratie province had their own initiative along with some technical support from secretariat team in mobilizing their members in to Agricultural Cooperative which is registered legally with Provincial Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fishery. 

The registration process of agricultural cooperative aims to strengthen the tenure of land and existing recources particularly their cropping land. The first Inauguration general assembly of the Sambo Network Agricultural Cooperative which was held on 6th January 2018 at Sandan Village, Kratie Province, was being attended by the total of 47 participants, including 22 women who came from eight villages and four communes. Chief of Agricultural Cooperative Promotion Office and his colleague were also joining the event as the key resource persons to lead the process of election and amendment of law and internal regulation. The General Assembly was being carried out under the following two objectives;

  1. To sum up key achievements made by the VFAs so far, and
  2. To review and adapt internal regulation-law and select board members and Internal Control System (ICS).

The initiative which partially supported by the ILC's National Engagement Strategy (NES) has brought further understanding to their members and government officials in term of the progress has been made among different VFAs, history/background, their effort to achieve their goal, and cooperation with stakeholders which being undertaken so far. Provincial Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fishery, government, and FNN sites are willing to support and assist AC, but however require AC to have its own position, especially in linking to market to generate the income and to reduce the value chain. Aside from program and business, human resource is another crucial element to have the AC running smoothly.

Key results from the assembly were drawn as follows:

  1. Internal regulation and other related law had been amended such as defining business, services, saving-credit, agri-business, food processing, benefit/profit sharing, etc.
  2. Management structure such as board members, Internal control system (ICS) were elected,
  3. Income generation from agribusiness, saving-credit, services along with strong management and accountability and strong human resources could lead to a strong and sustain Agricultural Cooperative.

*Story written by: NES Cambodia Facilitator

*Photo cover by NES Cambodia