​ICCA and ILC Asia initiated collaboration on Land Issues in Asia

Thursday, 2nd August 2018

Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities Conserved Areas and Territories (ICCA) Southeast Asia invited ILC Asia in its regional assembly in order to foresee and initiate a possible collaboration of both organisations. 

​The 4 days regional meeting convened in Palangkaraya, Indonesia was attended by 40 ICCA members. ICCA is a consortium committed to indigenous peoples protection and its territory.

Tanya Conlu, regional coordinator ICCA Southeast Asia introduced that ICCA is one of ILC members, and both strategies may be connected especially with some areas of concerns, such as locally managed ecosystem and indigenous peoples, including collaborative regional campaign. Pafid, Pacos, and WWF are among others shared members of both organisations.

Saurlin Siagian, ILC Asia coordinator greeted the offer to collaborate with the ICCA in regional level. In his presentation, he stated that ILC Asia supports at least 20 platforms in national and regional levels in Asia. In national level, Currently ILC Asia supports platforms in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia. Regional platforms covering one or more the ILC commitments, among others are Rangelands, Family farming, Indigenous peoples, women land rights, locally governed ecosystem, youth land rights, land watch asia, Engagement with NHRIs, Asia solidarity fund for land defenders, Land matrix, and Capital trajectory on land related investment in Asia.

Both organisation agreed to follow up the collaboration with further detail of action plan especially on the regional governance collaboration, indigenous peoples, and locally governed ecosystem. Both organisation also committed to have another meeting in the Global Land Forum of the International Land Coalition convened in Bandung September 2018