ILC Asia Held Business and Human Rights Meeting to Discuss National Action Plan for the Asia Region

Tuesday, 15th November 2016

ILC Asia, supported by Oxfam in Indonesia was holding a meeting on Business and Human Rights in Makassar city, Sulawesi, Indonesia on November 8th, 2016.

Opened by KPA’s Secretary General (period 2013-2016), Mr. Iwan Nurdin, this meeting served as the opportunity for Asia Region’s Human Rights Commissioners to meet and to discuss the development of Business and Human Rights National Action Plan from each country.

Attended by Human Rights Commissioners from the Philippines and Malaysia, Atty. Jesus Torres, and Atty. Paremeswari Subramanian, this meeting was also being participated by Indonesian Human Rights Commissioner, Mr. Nur Kholis.

Moderated by ILC Asia Coordinator, Mr. Erpan Faryadi, it was elaborated in this meeting, that the National Action Plan has not yet being drafted by both Malaysia and the Philippines.

However, Atty. Paremeswari Subramanian shared that Malaysia has published A Strategy Framework and they are now on the stage of producing a Cabinet Paper, which is able to be used as a guidance and reference for the Government to build the NAP on Business and Human Rights. She expressed her optimism that positive result will be derived, albeit not in short term period. 

Philippines, on the other hand, explained by Atty. Jesus Torres, is currently identifying and determining the specific indicators in promoting Business and Human Rights, and these are some of the challenges they are facing. He further said that the plan is needed to be set out as of now. He foresee that one year will be required to build the plan, as a strong document is also needed to make sure the realization of Human Rights practices. He emphasized that Philippines is also willing to move forward in Business and Human Rights Agenda. 

Indonesia has a good news on this. Explained by the Commissioner, Mr. Nurkholis of Indonesian Human Rights Commission, that the draft and a road map on the Business and human Rights National Action Plan is now under construction. He also emphasized that this NAP acts as a separate document with the country’s law. By 2017, it will be immediately submitted to the Government once it is finalized.

Mr. Erpan Faryadi proposed that by two years, it is expected that the green light will be perceived from the Government of Malaysia. The following points are the proposed steps to be taken after the two years period is finished:

  • Compose the NAP draft.
  • Build a core team to spot the process in each countries.
  • Build a team study to guide the NAP draft, and detailing initial agreements in this action.

By closing this meeting, Mr. Erpan Faryadi summarized the meeting, described as follows:

  • Both Malaysia and Philippines agreed to have NAP on Business and Human Rights in each country, and will bind their commitment in two years time frame.
  • The group is having regional perspective on this issue by composing National Paper and Regional Paper which focus on Business and Human Rights, as well as the importance of this matter in this region.