Indonesia CSOs Emphasize Commitment to Support Global Land Forum

Monday, 16th July 2018

Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA) of Indonesia organized a friendly gathering last week, on July 12, 2018 by inviting the CSOs, Peasant Unions, and KPA’s founding fathers. The gathering was intended to strengthen the bond between the CSOs toward the Global Land Forum 2018 which to be held in Indonesia on September this year.


KPA General Secretary, Ms. Dewi Kartika opened the event by calling support from the attendees to jointly success the upcoming agendas which to be run by KPA in the short future, such as Agrarian Reform Priority Location (LPRA) advocacy, and the Global Land Forum 2018 preparation.

“Global Land Forum 2018 is one of the biggest land forum in the world, which to be attended by multi-stakeholders focusing on land rights issues from more than 200 member organisations of the International Land Coalition. At least 67 countries will be represented here, and it is expected that the forum will result a common agenda to pursue justice on land rights in their respective countries.

Supports from all parties is required as this is going to be a vital forum to bring up the agrarian reform agenda nationally, regionally, and globally” stated by Dewi.

Collective Commitment to support GLF 2018

The invitation was responded positively by the attendees, especially the founding fathers of KPA. They deliver their commitment to support KPA for the GLF 2018 and contribute their knowledge and practice to make the GLF even more success.

Another agenda which will come ahead is the democracy party. Indonesia will elect its new President and new Parliament Members in 2019. The Presidential election is a crucial political moment for KPA. They see the need to arrange a strategy to continuously push the agrarian reform agenda in the country.  Therefore, correct strategies are needed to be built. By Far, at least 18 KPA members and Agrarian activists have been registering themselves as the future parliament member, as a way to bring up agrarian issues into the next level. 

KPA is facing a challenge to prepare concept and thorough idea regarding to Agrarian reform as an agenda to be submitted to the future of President and Vice President who will run their candidacy in 2019. The concept and the ideas are expected to be integrated into their vision, mission, and workplan.

However, KPA is also expected to not put itself into a politic practice, yet instead to provide direction to its cadres to push the agrarian reform agenda.

In the short future, KPA as the main host of the GLF will continue to push the agrarian reform implementation, particularly those running in Agrarian Reform Priority Location (LPRA). Out of hundreds of locations submitted to the government, Mangkit village, in Southeast Minahasa regency, North Sulawesi will carry out the land distribution process.

Dewi also added, the LPRA agenda will be presented during the Global Land Forum, thereby, the process is currently being carried out together with the relevant ministries, including the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning / National Land Agency and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

KPA expert council sees that this need to be continuously observed as this should be implemented under the genuine agrarian reform framework which reflects the community based agrarian reform.

Story written by ILC Asia

Source: Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA)

Picture by Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA)