Indonesian Agrarian Reform Organization convenes the Symposium and 7th National Assembly

Monday, 14th November 2016

ILC Asia host in Indonesia, Konsorsium Pembaruan Agraria (KPA) was convening its Symposium and 7th National Assembly (MUNAS) throughout November 8th to 10th, 2016 in Makassar City, Ujung Pandang, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. 

Bringing the theme “To Restate the Genuine Agrarian Reform” for the Symposium and “Strengthening Organization and Action for Community Initiative-Based Agrarian Reform” for the National Assembly, this event held in three days and was initiated by a Symposium which was being attended by Government officials, Mr. Dodi Imron Cholid, Minister’s Expert Staff of The Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning Director General, Ms. Ratna of Ministry of Village and Disadvantaged Village Development and Transmigration and Mr. Abdul Basyid of Ministry of Agriculture, representatives of relevant CSOs and NGOs of KPA’s members and networks, and more than 300 peasants across the country.

During the opening session, Mr. Iwan Nurdin, the Secretary General of KPA emphasized that Agrarian reform must involve the society’s movement participation, all agrarian conflicts must be resolved, and KPA must always become the main actor in agrarian reform fights.

Indonesian Head of Presidential Office, Mr. Teten Masduki, was also delivered his remarks, by stating that the land status owned by farmers and the society must be stated clearly.

There are seven panel discussion sessions within the Symposium, upholding the following themes:

  1. Agrarian Conflict Resolution within Agrarian reform framework.
  2. Gender Justice and Agrarian Reform.
  3. Agrarian Transformation in Rural.
  4. Agrarian Reform Direction within the Land Draft Bill.
  5. Land Rights as Human Rights.
  6. Agrarian Reform Defenders Criminalization and Cooperation on Agrarian Legal Aid Network.
  7. New Practices and Models of Land Grabbing.

The Symposium was then being proceeded with main discussion forum session, and was moderated by Mr. Eko Cahyono, Director of SAINS Institute, one of ILC Member in Indonesia. In this session, Mr. Dodi Imron Cholid, Minister’s Expert Staff of The Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning Director General, Ms. Ratna of Ministry of Village and Disadvantaged Village Development and Transmigration and Mr. Abdul Basyid of Ministry of Agriculture, and Ms. Dewi Kartika of KPA sat as speakers.

A road map is currently being drafted by the Government, according to Mr. Dodi Imron Cholid, and a particular and specific chapter focusing on Agrarian Reform will be included within this road map.

Ms. Dewi Kartika, the Deputy-Secretary General of KPA stated in her closing remarks of this session that Community initiative-based Agrarian Reform must be upheld. She encouraged that optimism is important to bring out the issue, especially in resolving conflicts, land status transparency, clear legal framework, political consolidation, and also collaboration among Government institutions. 

The second day was then continued by the 7th National Assembly, where the agenda of this assembly is as described as follows:

  • Presenting and Discussing the Organizational Code of Conducts; Amendment and Stipulation
  • Presenting and Discussing the Programmatic Plans
  • Presenting and Discussing the Quarterly Organization Report
  • Electing the next National Boards and Secretary General

The 7th National Assembly, which was being attended by 313 participants, commenced by listening a report of the previous Symposium, delivered by Ms. Dewi Kartika, Deputy-Secretary General of KPA.

Mr. Iwan Nurdin officially opened the Assembly. In his opening remarks, he encouraged that organization of farmers, organization of fishermen, organization of women must have the strength to regain their rights, by strengthening economy, cooperative, and state-enterprises. He further said that, “Agrarian reform discusses the sustainability of the country, which therefore, this requires collective effort from all of us.”

The third day was continued by discussing their Organizational Code of Ethic and Conducts as well as Organizational Programs. The second round of the third day was then became the day where KPA elect their National Council Board and the Secretary General for the next three years. The process was undergoing a heated yet constructively voting process. After almost three hours, they have voted for their new leaders, as described as follows:

Secretary General: Ms. Dewi Kartika

Chair of the National Council Board: Mr. Iwan Nurdin

Members of the National Council Board:

Mr. Fubertus Ipur

Mr. Kisran Makati

Mr. Sofyan Ubaidi Anom

Mr. Harun Noeh

Ms. Dewi Kartika is the first woman elected to lead the organization since it was established in 1994. Previously stood as the Deputy Secretary General for three periods, she managed to show that a woman is able to lead a movement which fight for the rights of the peasants, fisherman, and indigenous people.

This event also becomes the most historical and meaningful event for the International Land Coalition (ILC). The Indonesian Government, which in this regard was represented by Presidential Office Chairman, Mr. Teten Masduki, signed an MOU on the 2018 Global Land Forum with Konsorsium Pembaruan Agraria (KPA).

As you may all know, the International Land Coalition 2018 Global Land Forum will be convened in Indonesia, and will be hosted by KPA in this regard. This MOU may act as a gateway for the ILC and the KPA to realizing the GLF on 2018.

Both of the Symposium and the National Assembly has been nicely wrapped up by now. By having the new leaders within the organization, it is expected that the road for Agrarian Reform will be opened wider, and our fights on land reform will find its way to victory.

As always, because life is land, and land is life!