Thursday, 15th December 2016

In 15 December 2016, Director of JASIL, Hijaba Ykhanbai  met with the newly elected Parliament Member, Mr. Badelkhan Havdslaam, and Mr.Murat Dakei, at the State Palace. 

​Among the discussion, how to support nomadic herders of high mountains of Altay and other regions of Mongolia in this  winter by improving policy,legal and regulation of pasture land tenure systems was one of the highlights in this meeting. 

The objectives of the meeting are elaborated as below:

  1. Presenting Weather forecast data delivered/used by nomadic herders in this winter,
  2. Introducing the activities of JASIL by delivering the following documents: (a) Policy paper and recommendations on Co-management of pastureland and NR in Mongolia, (b) books and brochures regarding on how to support and build cooperation in enacting the Draft Pasture Law, by including comments from pastoralists, and also possibility to exchange knowledge, and learn from experiences of other Central Asian countries during the next 3-4 years of the newly elected Mongolian Parliament time.

Numbers of essential points were generated as the result of the meeting, as follows:

  1. Agreed on the importance of delivering and support nomadic herders by disseminating specific location weather forecast data to reduce dzhud impact in this winter,
  2. Exchanged ideas and agreed on cooperate/ influence for the approval of Draft Pasture Law in its full version or legalize its important articles, such as recognizing traditional pasture use rights of nomadic herders and co-management of   pasture land, proposed by JASIL. Parliament member Mr.Badelkhan consider on the  possibility  legalize externality cost with the degradation of pasture land due to quick growth of herd size, need  to establish State Fund for SM of  Pasture land with its sound monitoring system, if it initiated by the Government soon.
  3. Parliament member Mr.Murat interested and agreed to cooperate on how to expand activities of agro-forestry for the improvement of fodder preparation, which is successful in some other Central Asian countries,
  4. Parliament members also agreed on possibility  cooperate/support  to expand Eagle Festival as one of International Forum of Nomadic Pastoralists in Central Asia and expand Sustainable pasture management and Community based  Nature Tourism in their elected region for  improving livelihoods of herders by working with all national and local level stakeholders in the country.