KPA encourages TORA implementation through the Forestry Area Relinquishment Scheme

Thursday, 3rd August 2017

In relation to the current situation of agrarian conflict and poverty occurring in the forestry area of Indonesia, KPA (Konsorsium Pembaruan Agraria) and its network met with Siti Nurbaya, the Minister of  the Forestry and Environment Ministry (KLHK), to discuss further on the Agrarian Reform in forestry area. 

This was also the opportunity to show the Agrarian Reform Priority Location (LPRA) data in forestry area, to be proposed as the Agrarian Reform Object Target (TORA), as this was being promised by the President in his political campaign.

However, the Minister reiterated that Java Island remains not to be included within the TORA using the Forestry Area Relinquishment Scheme as the width of the forestry area in Java is not reaching 30% of the said island, as stated in Law No. 41, 1999.

She further reaffirmed that should conflicts are still can be found on the site, then what we need to do collectively is to improve both the system and also the regulation applied.

On the other hand, not including Java within the TORA through the Forestry Area Relinquishment Scheme is violating the objective of the agrarian reform; reducing inequality on land ownership. It is no longer obscured that most conflicts and poverty issues are found in the forestry area which is now transformed into local residents and definitive village. While at the same time, a large scale of relinquished forest area into palm oil plantation and mining are occurring massively.

This meeting ended by bestowing data on the Agrarian Reform Priority Locations to the Minister. It is expected that the Minister would analyse the situation further and pursue the implementation through Forestry  Area  Relinquishment Scheme.

The data shows that there are at least 193 locations located in 45 regencies and 12 Provinces, for about 429.824 hectares, which, according to Government is situated in the forestry area. The figures are generated by KPA, who works closely with the farmer unions/organizations in regions for the last few months. 

Data source and photo by Konsorsium Pembaruan Agraria