KPA is Expanding Membership to Respond to Agrarian Conflict Issues

Tuesday, 16th May 2017

When a conflict on agrarian issue heating up in an area, ILC Asia member in Indonesia, KPA (Consortium for Agrarian Reform) immediately responds to the case. As what being arrising now in South Konawe, Sulawesi, where the locals are being involved in a land conflict against a palm oil plantation. 

KPA’s regional office was then collaborated with its member in the area, in this regard is (STKS) South Konawe Peasants Union, to follow up the case. Together with the union, KPA Regional held a meeting with the local peasants to discuss strategic direction on responding this case.

Through this meeting, KPA regional educated the local peasants about the importance of agrarian reform and also the importance of being in an organization to have stronger and more strategic steps to responding any cases related to agrarian.

Being attended by more than forty people, including those from neighboring villages, who also experienced on being evicted by the mentioned company in Mowila sub-district, the meeting was resulting a new organization, which later will be under the STKS and also KPA.

This is a unique yet effective way to strengthening a Consortium, and also a great way to address an issue, and find a collective solution. This is the real practice of people’s participation on agrarian reform.

News source and photo credit by KPA