NES Cambodia - Participatory Work on Land Dispute Resolution

Monday, 14th November 2016

NES conducted quarterly meeting with NES members, there were NGOF, FNN, WMC, CLEC, ADIC and SK in order to discuss about activities and sharing information regarding the project. SK and NGO Forum had jointly activities at the national and provincial levels in order to have collective voice of advocacy activities.


On 11th-13th July 2016, Conducted Consultation Workshop on Agriculture Land Law in Battambang province. NES project (SK and NGO Forum and other organizations) co-organized the consultation in cooperation with MAFF to conduct the event. There were 156 participants (65 females) in this workshop that were invited. The participants comprised from NGO staff, government officers, communities, youth, and IP. The participants were from Svay Reing , Pursat, Bantheay Meanchey, Kampong Chnang, Takeo, and Battam Bong province.

On 17th-19th July 2016, Kratie province , Consultation Workshop on Agriculture Land Law, the participants were from Kratie, Steong Treang, Mondol Kiri, Rotanak Kiri  and Prey Veng province were supported by SK, NGOF and FNN. In the hold consultation workshop had divided two meetings. 1) On 17th July 2016, pre meeting to brief about the goal and Key point of Agriculture Land Law to communities. There were 66 participants (Female: 39). 2) On 18th-19th July 2016, consultation on Agriculture Land Law, there were 130 participants (Female: 49) from General Directorate of Agriculture (GDA), department of land, department of agriculture, department of water resources, provincial level, communities, indigenous people communities, and NGOs partner.  Two STAR Kampuchea and tree communities network from FNN who supported by SK.

The Objective:

  • To have better input from all stakeholders to improve the drafted agricultural land law through workshop and feedback. It also enhance meaningful participation of civil society organizations, ILC members within NES members in Cambodia, and farming communities with qualified inputs in constructive dialogues for the improvement of the draft legislation on the agricultural land management.
  • Participants will be given the opportunity to share their comments and experience of their local regions in terms of legal aspects and social-economic conditions, and GDA will be capable of gathering good comments and ideas from all stakeholders in the events to include as important elements to poster improvement in the draft process and to ensure it’s appropriate within a Cambodia context.

Therefore, SK and NGOF will combine overall recommendations for conducting the national workshop in Phnom Penh.

On 25-27 Oct 2016, In Krakor district, Pursat province, SK cooperated with WMC produced video documentary on successful cases. SK tried to communicate with local authorities (forestry, District and Commune administration) to invite them to join the video documentary to tell the process of their involvement with land conflict resolution case and the result that the authority to solve the problems for the community. The video will be ready before March 2017 and will publicly use for project’s result and display for the public.

SK participated in consultation of Draft Environmental Code. The purposes of this Environmental Code are the protection of the environment, the conservation of natural resources, and the sustainable development of Cambodia. Ministry Of Enviroment has leaded the discussion which provides the opportunity for relevant stakeholders to give comments/ recommendations. The seven working groups for drafting different chapters were set up for a series of discussion/meetings. Currently, there is fourth draft is discussed and expect to adopt in January 2017.

SK cooperated with WMC to conduct comedy video on Alternative Dispute Resolution, that will live on TV, etc. The script of comedy video has done. Also WMC is trying to contact other channel TV to live.

radio talk show:

SK has conducting radio talk show with WMC. The title of the program is Land Governance. We lived 3 show and 3 broadcast already. The speaker was from MLMUPC and CSOs. 

The objectives were to:

  • Raise awareness of roles and mechanisms to resolve land disputes out of court.
  • Finding about challenges and efficiency in resolving land disputes

SK participated in Quarterly Meeting between CSOs and Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction. During the meeting, NES members such as SK and NGO Forum have provided inputs and shared information regarding the challenges and provide recommendations to meeting for further action. 

SK participated and presented Land Alternative Dispute Resolution to participants at the Regional Land Governance Forum conducted by MRLG/SDC/GIZ in late June 2016  in Hanoi, Vietnam.

SK tried to discus and contact to MLMUPC to provide workshop on Land Policy (White Paper). But Overload of officers at MLMUPC makes us difficult to cooperate for NES project.

Cooperated with FNN, CLEC, ADIC various activities such, legal support, capacity building to target communities on community management, documents successful cases, These activities are ongoing.

Provide legal support to affected communities on the process of court and facilitate alternative dispute resolution.

Capacity building to communities on management, conflict resolution, networking, negotiation, and facilitation.

Continuing support communities (forestry, and fishery) to official recognized by MAFF.  It is on going support to community in three provinces (Banteay Meanchey, Pursat and Svey Rieng). It is jointly supported by ILC and Forum Syd funded by SIDA.