Performing Social Actions to Address Social Change

Wednesday, 3rd May 2017

Having well-known in mobilising the communities, ILC Asia member in India, Ekta Parishad is having a one innovative yet effective and grounded intiative.


Preparations for the 2018 Land-Rights Satyagraha have begun in Rudrapura with an "Annadan Sammelan". "Annadan Sammelan" is a grain donation campaign. On 19th April, two hundred people from 6 governing body of villages (panchayat) were organizing a meeting at Rudrapura panchayat of Gwalior to begin their preparation for the land-rights satyagraha 2018 that Ekta Parishad has announced.

Thirty five landless families of Rudrapur village belonging to Sahariya Adivasi who work as farmers were contributing 150 kilograms of wheat for the campaign. At this panchayat, the adivasis of Rudrapur residing in the village for more than 10 years now, continue to experience land rights conflicts, where their applications under FRA continue to be suspended, and also unable to access benefits of welfare schemes of the government.

As part of this Annadan campaign, Ekta Parishad encouraged every family to contribute 1-2 kilograms of grain. The grains collected through this campaign will be used for 1 lakh people who will begin foot-march to New Delhi, as an effort in building pressure toward the government to implement the 10-point Agra Agreement which had been signed on 11th October 2012 before 50,000 satyagrahis during the Jan Satyagraha campaign. Local events will be organized in different villages and panchayats of the region for people to contribute for the 2018 campaign. This grains contribution campaign began on 15th April and will be proceeding up until 30th May.

Source: Aneesh T. of Ekta Parishad

Photo credit by: Aneesh T.