Recommendations and comments for Call to Action- Earth Day 2017on Community Land Rights

Tuesday, 9th May 2017

Earth Day does not always be celebrated with outdoor activity. Gathering in a closed door room in generating essential decisions and recommendation on what needs to be contributed for the sustainability of our earth is also pertinent.

JASIL, Environment and Development Association based in Mongolia is one of ILC Asia member in Central Asia which had been very active in addressing issues related to pastorals and environment.

To welcome the Earth Day this year, JASIL met with the Mongolia’s Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the National Association of Environmental protection and Green development communities. This meeting aimed to draw Recommendations and comments for Call to Action- Earth Day 2017. These recommendations will be addressed to the National Community Forum, which will be convened, two days after this meeting was held.

Presentations of Dr.Hijaba Ykhanbai, JASIL, on Community Land Rights in Mongolia 

The one day meeting, held on 18 April 2017, also brought the following issues as the vehicle to reach the designated purposes: Diverse Tenure Systems for pasture and forest  resources; registration of traditional land and natural resources use rights at local level; current situations and future intention of local herders communities on environment  protection activities; Draft of Law on Pasture Protection ;  Land tenure and Community land management plan; Experiences of Pasture  User Groups ; and Public Understanding of Forests in Mongolia.

News Source and Photo Credit: JASIL