Study result on Women’s Relation to Land And Their Contribution To Agriculture Was Being Amplified in Bangladesh

Wednesday, 12th April 2017

A study shown that in Bangladesh, agriculture sector is becoming increasingly dependent on women's participation, yet however, in the bottom picture is women do not get institutional recognition as farmers in the Bangladesh Agricultural Policy 2013. 

Furthermore, women are not in priority list to get access in state land. All deprivation stands women in static vulnerable marginalized position within the society. This exploratory study on  “Women’s Relation to Land and their Contribution to Agriculture” was being publicized by ILC Asia members in Bangladesh, Association for Land Reform and Development in a one day Seminar, on March 15th, 2017 in Dhaka. The study, which was focused on the lives of women farmers in Gobindaganj under Gaibandha district and Chatmohor under Pabna district, aimed to obtain the tangible images of women’s involvement and active participation in agricultural production, their access to market, knowledge on advanced technologies in agriculture, training opportunities, and access to khas land.

The seminar, which was also to mark the International Women’s Day 2017, was being led by the Chairman of ALRD rights activist Ms Khushi Kabir, and was being specially attended by Mr. Chaitanya Kumar Das, Director of Department of Agricultural Extension.

Sitting as the speakers were Dr. Sheema Zaman, Professor of Law at the University of Dhaka; Dr. Rowshan Ara Firoz, Professor of Phylosophy at the University of Dhaka; Dr. Ainun Nahar, Associate Professor of Anthropology at the Jahangirnagar University; and ALRD executive director Shamsul Huda.

A total of 135 people from activists, CSOs, women leaders, academics, researcher, journalists, government representatives, women farmers were actively participating in the seminar entitled “Women's land rights, participation in agriculture and deprivation: prospects and actions”.

News source and photo credits by ALRD - Association for Land Reform Development