Women's Public Leadership In Peace

Monday, 10th April 2017

“Only social movements can address social change” - Santiago, on women’s involvement in public spaces, said that. Having worked with indigenous and Muslim women most of her life, she said “if by tradition, women and girls are designated to set the family dining table, then another table has been put up to which can be attributed some of the successful stages of the talks, the peace table is set-up and put into strategic position by the women themselves.”


Not only that statement, discussions on the issue of the role of women in preventing violent extremism also brought up by Mosarrat Quadeem of Bangladesh, which then complimented by an input by Amina Rasul on violent extremism in the Philippines and how the Bangsamoro women are addressing it.

Former Gabriela party list Representative, Luz C. Ilagan, also presented about the long history of struggle of women and their important role in peacebuilding.

Yes! Lot of discussions about women emerging in this five-days International conference organized by ILC Member from India, Ekta Parishad and the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process. Entitled Women’s Public Leadership in the Pursuit of Peace, the discussion took place during March 23 to 27, 2017, at the Eugenio Lopez Center in Antipolo, Rizal.

Being attended by 11 international participants from Cambodia, Thailand, Kyrgyztan, India, Switzerland, and USA, as well as 15 Muslim and indigenous peoples representative from the Philippines, the conference discussed the issues of Women Public Leadership in the Pursuit of Peace, Non-violent Conflict Resolution in the Ghandian Tradition, Case studies on non-violent remedies for ethnic, political and communal violence, Case studies on non-violent action regarding land grabbing, resource extraction and agricultural industrialization.

Jai Jagat! They yelled. Glory to the world, glory to all!

Jai Jagat is a campaign launched by the organization Ekta Parishad, to culminate on the year 2020, highlighting the role of minority communities across the world in taking control over land and natural resources to fight poverty.

Ekta Parishad explained that “Jai Jagat actually means VICTORY OF THE WORLD. That is very close to the concept of  Sarvodaya (‘well being of all’) that was inherited by Mahatma Gandhi. The underlying principle is if there is a victory then it should be the victory of our common humanity not the victory of one nation over another. The victory should also be based on the victory of living commodiously together, and of people coexisting with nature. If the victory is for everyone and for everything, then this is the best. A modern world needs to imbibe these new values, the values of Jai Jagat and Gandhi’s notion of Sarvodaya.”

Source of news and picture: http://mindanaotimes.net/women-say-jai-jagat/