Our voices, our rights


Indigenous Voices in Asia Media Showcasing Fair 2015


  • To strengthen inter-learning and skills exchange and collaboration among the indigenous media, rights activists, mainstream media representatives, educational institutions and like minded stakeholders; 
  • To strengthen the Indigenous Voices in Asia Network (IVAN) and move forward the rights of the indigenous peoples in solidarity with media professionals and rights activists. 

Expected Outcomes

  •  Stronger and expanded IVA network among all categories of participants; 
  • Increased partnership and cooperation at the national and regional levels; 
  • Increased capacity of the participants particularly activists in using different forms of media;
  • Increased knowledge on the situation of media and of the key issues of indigenous peoples In Asia;
  • Increased awareness about the culture and situation of indigenous peoples in Asia.  


The workshop is open to the participants from Asia. Expected categories of participants are:

  • Media practitioners  
  • Human rights activists 
  • Academics
  • Researchers
  •  Students
  • 2015 IVA regional award winners 


Dipta Chakma, Regional Coordinator Indigenous Voices in Asia (IVA) / Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP)