Regional Assembly 2013 - Mongolia

Members of the International Land Coalition (ILC) Asia met at Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from 7 – 9 September 2013. The meeting was co-organized by Environment Development Association (JASIL) with new host organization of ILC Asia - Konsorsium Pembaruan Agraria (KPA), interim host organization – Asian NGO Coalition (ANGOC), and International Land Coalition.

ProgramProgram – ILC Asia Regional Assembly and Knowledge Exchange Day 2013

InfopageExchange – ILC Asia members and Mongolian CSOs and government

The ILC Asia Knowledge Exchange Day took place on 7 September 2013. In the morning half, discussions took place between ILC Asia members and representatives from the Government of Mongolia and civil society organizations on how to address the issue of collective management of pastoral land, especially taking into consideration on how customary practices of traditional nomadic pastoralists can be made into law. This topic will be debated in the 2013 autumn session of the Parliament as part of a larger discussion on the draft Land Law. A key point emphasized by ILC members during this discussion was that civil society, particularly people’s organizations and groups needs to be continuously engaged in the formulation and implementation process in order to determine that the proposed law is actually benefitting the people it proposes to serve. In the afternoon session, members presented and discussed challenges and solutions regarding the formulation and implementation of ILC National Engagement Strategies (NES). At the end of the sessions, brief information sessions were given by the Asian Farmers Association (AFA) on their 2012 ILC project on large-scale land grabbing in Asia; upcoming Regional Advocacy campaign in Pakistan; and the GLTN Gender Evaluation Criteria training, held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

On 8 September 2013, important updates from the Secretariat regarding Land Monitoring, Indigenous Peoples, Women’s Land Rights and Monitoring & Evaluation were presented by the Interim Co-ordinator. The International Year of Family Farming 2014 was presented by AFA. Following these discussions, the status of implementation of ILC Asia projects was discussed, followed by discussions for regional activities for the ILC Asia workplan 2014.

In the morning half of 9 September 2013, members met in their country-groups to discuss their country challenges, identify priorities for the NES in 2014, and determine how to co-ordinate the implementation of the NES at the country level. In the afternoon, there were discussions on the governance issues of ILC Asia.