An Alternative Report of the Civil Society Organisations in Bangladesh to the CEDAW

Supported by the ILC, this alternative report was submitted to the 65th session of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) by a coalition of civil society member organizations (ALRD, ARBAN, CDA and Kapaeeng Foundation) on the occasion of the submission by Bangladesh of its 8th Periodic Report to provide a complementary a comprehensive picture of the status of women's land rights in the country.  

A review of the current status of CEDAW implementation shows an incoherent and somewhat dismal picture. Bangladesh has made noticeable progress in many areas, however, progress is held back in others. While some of the laws and policies are very explicit on the issue of gender and women’s rights, including on the implementation of CEDAW, there are equally policies and laws which are more muted on these issues.

Kirti Nishan Chakma and Rowshan Jahan Moni