ILC Asia Strategy Paper 2016 -2021

During the ILC Assembly of Members held in Dakar, Senegal last May 2015, the members of ILC approved its new strategic objectives for 2016-2021. In brief, ILC shall support its members through its three strategic objectives: i) connecting members with each other and with changemakers beyond the Coalition; ii) mobilising members by reinforcing and equipping their efforts with the necessary knowledge, capacity, and opportunities; and iii) influencing governments, their partners, and corporate actors.

To contextualize ILC’s institutional strategy in the region, ILC-Asia drafted this regional strategy paper. This document will be used as: a) guide in analyzing the challenges and identifying the focus on interventions, b) rationale and reference for the formulation of work plan and c) material for resource mobilisation at the regional level.

This document builds on existing literatures written by ILC, both members and the Secretariat, and integrates the initial discussion during the ILC Asia Regional Assembly on September 2016 in Tagaytay City, Philippines, and ratification in Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan, september 2017.



Asia Steering Committee

International Land Coalition