Land For Development - Understanding Free Prior Informed Consent

After two years of following up with friends in struggles for justice, the book entitled: Land for 'Development' : Understanding Free Prior Informed Consent" is published.

FPIC is now an international tool to protect rights of indigenous people over their territories. Today, when government of India, powerful corporations join hand to destroy these territories, it is time to extend this protocol to all the developmental projects which requires land acquisition. In India, a majority of people victims of the developmental projects are Dalit Adivasi and farming communities who are never being involved within the consultation stage on the issues that influence their lives. Consent clause in the Land Act of 2013 became the biggest bone of contention for companies and we have witnessed how it is being diluted and subverted in states.

The contributions in this book is enriching. Study of Amit Kumar, NAPM, Dr-Goldy M GeorgeSujatha SurepallyRatnamuthu Sugathan, Anil Gupta Ekta Parishad, Monika Agarwala, Mike J Taylor, Director, International Land Coalition, Rome, Bruce M Moore , former Director International Land Coalition Rome and now a civil society leader 8n Canada, Tej Singh BhandariCdr JaipurRomel Sutariya, and Vijay Kumar, advocate Supreme Court are included in it.

This book extremely useful in work on policy framing issues or strengthening grass roots movements. The issue need to be widely debated and promoted in the greater interest if protecting rights of our indigenous people particularly Dalit adivasis.

The book is published by People's Literature Publication initiated by my dear friend Vivek Sakpal who design it and brought out a really quality work . Most of my work is available with Vivek. Please log on to or contact to order this book. 

Vidya Bhushan Rawat