In Celebration of ILC members on International Women's Day

Wednesday, 8th March 2017

In celebration of International Women's Day, we would like to take a moment to honour our ILC members who work tirelessly to ensure that women have equal access to land.  Here are just a few examples of what they have been doing, and why we think they're just so wonderful. Today and everyday, we celebrate you!

Protecting property inheritance rights of widows, children and people with disabilities

A COMMON RIGHT: UGANDA LAND ALLIANCE AND THE KARAMOJONG - photo by ©Jason Taylor/Source ProjectAs described in a recent case study published by ILC, inheritance of land and property in Kenya follows traditional practices which negatively affect women, children and people with disabilities.  In many communities across Kenya,  including the Kisii and Luo communities,  women are denied inheritance after the passing of a husband or close relative, gifting the land to the nearest male relative of the deceased.With the drafting and  approval of Kenya ‘s new constitution in 2010, ILC Member ELCI saw an opportunity  to push for more inclusive reforms and practices for marginalised groups

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Indigenous Women with FIMI's Teresa Zapeta

Teresa Zapeta (FIMI)

"Indigenous women and land defenders face even more challenges, because different issues come up: personal safety and the presence of military forces, corporations and other external actors." Teresa says, adding that "indigenous women are more exposed to risks because of the absence of the State, feeling that they have no one to turn to.”

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500 #Women2Kilimanjaro, 29 Climbers, 22 Countries, 1 Charter demanding Land Rights Now

In their fight for equal land rights, African women have made an epic step up. Between October 10th to 16th, women from across Africa reached the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to shout out a powerful demand: Women’s Land Rights Now! At their return on October 15th, coinciding with the International Day of Rural Women, they were welcomed and celebrated by about 500 other women from 22 African countries.

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ILC members push for women’s land rights as priority for CEDAW agenda

We took a moment to sit down with  Marta Esber from Fundación Plurales (Argentina) and Moni Rowshan Jahan from ALRD (Bangldesh) so that they could share their experiences, challenges and suggestions with other members and the land community in submitting alternative reports on rural and Indigenous women’s land rights in their respective countries.

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Women's Land Rights Toolkit

This toolkit gathers together information on five tools that have been successfully used by members of the International Land Coalition (ILC) to promote, protect and strengthen women’s land rights. This toolkit derives from a mapping exercise within ILC’s membership, case studies collected from the ILC's Database of Good Practices and ILC projects, complemented with interviews from our members.

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Islamic inheritance laws and rural women

ILC’s Framing the Debate series - Islamic inheritance laws and their impact on rural women in Muslim societies

«Land rights are particularly important for women’s empowerment and gender equality (…) but they continue to be systematically denied their rights to inheritance, especially in rural areas». The newest issue of ILC’s Framing the Debate series on Islamic inheritance laws and their impact on rural women in Muslim societies finds an interconnected mix of legal, educational, economic, social and political reasons for discriminatory inheritance practices.

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Photo: ©Silvia Forno/ILC