Sustainable tourism partnership with local farmers strengthens family incomes

In Tafila in southern Jordan, the Dana and Qadisiyah Local Community Cooperative (DQLCC) has set up a sustainable tourism partnership with a group of local farmers by establishing a small camp for tourists on the edge of a nature reserve. Since the local community has limited rights of access to its land and no rights of use, management, or alienation, DQLCC is working to strengthen the livelihoods of community members. The Wadi Dana tourist camp, which is working towards eco status, is operated by local people and volunteers, and provides community members with employment and work experience opportunities. A small team provides “hotel services” for guests staying in tents and chalets: food is prepared by a female home cook, and guests are offered traditional “village life experiences” and guided hikes, led by shepherds (mainly youths) and farmers. Eco-tourism is strengthening community livelihoods, promoting a traditional lifestyle, providing an alternative to migration, and promoting improved land and ecosystem management.

Photo Credit: DQLCC