Learn, Share and be Inspired! ILC Calls for Submissions to the 2018 ILC Award

Wednesday, 5th July 2017

One of the advantages of being part of a rich and diverse network is the opportunity to learn, share and be inspired by the achievements of your peers.


ILC members are doing amazing work and are leading the fight for a more just and equitable world. In celebration and recognition of this, we are calling for submissions to the 2018 ILC Award! The award will go to an ILC member that has contributed to securing the land rights of women and men living in conditions of poverty.

We've created a space where ILC members and others working for land rights around the world can look for and find solutions to the challenges we face on a daily basis. The Database of Good Practices is continuously being contributed to, and used to learn from.

Now is the time to share your competencies and experiences within the network and offer your fellow ILC members and other practictioners, policy makers and activistis an opportunity to lear from and adapt the processes, methodologies and tools that we know work.

Submit my good practice for the 2018 ILC Award!

We know you're all busy, but don’t miss the opportunity to contribute to an initiative that is beneficial not only for you but for the network as a whole!  The simple outline requires you to highlight the 5 steps it took to implement your good practice. This is our time to recognise your outstanding efforts in promoting people centred land governance, and give you global visibility through some amazing award prizes! The final awards will consist of:

  • A documentary (including a video and a photo essay) for the winner [see the 2015 award recipient and documentary here];
  • A booth in the Global Land Forum Fair of Ideas for the best good practice within each ILC commitment;
  • Publication on the ILC website, Good Practices page, for all eligible good practices, with promotion on social media.

Selected good practices will also be considered for a space in one of the Global Land Forum’s breakout sessions.

Don't miss out, because this opportunity only comes around once every three years!


Contact name: 
Giulia Baldinelli