Statement from Feminist Land Platform

Monday, 15th July 2019

Women leaders from the ILC Coalition announce Freminist Land Platform at the LANDac Conference in Utrecht.

Ten women leaders from constituency-based organisations from the International Land Coalition came together to challenge the inequalities related Women’s Land Rights, to highlight women’s leadership and feminist perspectives in all land struggles and to take action on gender issues by creating a global platform on Women’s Land Rights: the Feminist Land Platform.

The Feminist Land Platform believes that in all the different regions the pressure over the land, the territory and all the resources, is increasing. That pressure is especially impacting women´s lives and livelihoods. It is the same situation in Africa, Asia or in Latin America, regardless of where women live, urban and rural areas, so we face the same problems related to inequality in the rights. This situation should be addressed by all the society as a question of justice and sustainability.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly the contrary and the Feminist Land Platform has realized that we need to join forces, strengthening our capacities and organizations to fight for what should be ensured in term of justice and equality between men and women, regardless of their cultures, religions, sexual preferences or ethnics.

We, the constituency-based organisations involved in the platform, have followed our own paths of resistance, fighting for gender equality in our own communities, often under adverse conditions. The work of the platform will reflect the realities and demands of our collective experiences, as we will be the ones setting the agenda. The constituency-based organisations that represent the founders of the Feminist Land Platform are: Plurales (Argentina), Espaço Feminista (Brazil), Luna Creciente (Ecuador), GROOTS Kenya (Kenya), Pastoral Women’s Council (Tanzania), PWESCR (India), AZUL (Morocco), and Trashumancia y Naturaleza (Spain).

Our vision:

The platform is recognized as a strategic inclusive open space for feminist organisations and leaders working on women land rights and gender justice to unite, amplify voices and analysis from women struggles  for diverse constituencies, building alliances to bring changes to address oppressive practices and social norms for just and equal society for all.

Our Strategic Objectives:

  1. To strengthen (political) feminist movements in Women Land’s Rights (WLR) and Gender Justice (GJ) at all levels.
  2. To provide open feminist inclusive space and support for sharing, learning, and collective actions.
  3. To amply women voices, analysis and struggles from diverse constituencies for gender justice in WLR.
  4. To build an agenda on gender justice in women land’s rights from the CBO’s realities, bottom-up, including political, economic, and legislative changes.

The creation of this Feminist Land Platform is the beginning of a movement, which is open to include new members according with the established criteria defined for the founders’ organisations.  This initial formation responds to the necessity to create and gain visibility in order to influence the local, regional and global agendas related with Women’s Land Right and Gender Justice.