ONLINE COURSE - Make Positive Social Change Happen


Learn how to find and create opportunities for positive social change, with this online course from The Open University.

Make Change Happen is a free online course which provides changemakers and activists with an understanding of how change happens and key skills for influencing change.  The course provides an engaging dynamic online space where learners can share ideas and learn from each other as well as from the core teaching material, videos and case studies.  The course was developed by a cross-confederation team at Oxfam with the support of Open University and is hosted on the Futurelearn platform.

Make Change Happen reopens on March 4th and is open until May.  Learners can register and join the course at any point during that time.  The course is self-paced with 8 weeks of lessons, including on context analysis, power and systems, collective action, spheres of influence, messaging and narratives, and overcoming challenges.

Campaigners, activists, community organisers, civil society partners, and programme managers with an influencing objective will find this course especially valuable for their professional and personal development.

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