WEBINAR - Tech and Transparency : democratizing data and empowering communities with cutting-edge technologies


This webinar introduce a new tool produced by New America and Esri: a series of PropRightsTech Primers aimed at explaining, in simple, accessible terms, six new and emerging technologies in the land tenure and property rights space. The webinar will also will feature experts on these emerging technologies and land governance and will explore their implications for increasing transparency and eliminating corruption from this afflicted sector. The webinar is co-hosted by ESRI, the Land Portal Foundation and New America.

The webinar will take place from 10:00-11:30 AM EST (4:00-5:30 PM CEST) on July 25th via gotowebinar. Register now to participate.

Panelists will address the following questions

  • How can new technologies lead to increased transparency in land governance systems? What are the implications?
  • How can it be assured that technologies are not used to turn against communities and further marginalize them? What safeguards, in both the public and private sector, can be put into place to ensure that these technologies are not employed to further disadvantage vulnerable people?
  • Can you share examples based on your experiences how technologies have benefited marginalized communities?
  • What will be done with all the data that is collected? How can you ensure that government data is open and that community data is protected and made open at their discretion?
  • What are the enabling conditions that would allow governments and communities to effectively use technology to increase tenure security?
  • What are the most common mistakes you see from governments and others in trying to adopt new technologies?


Yuliya Panfil, Senior Fellow and Director, Future of Property Rights, New America


  • Tim Fella, Global Business Development Manager for Land Administration, Esri
  • Shreya Deb, Director, Omidyar Network India
  • Mustapha Issa, Field Team Manager for the Tanzania Land Tenure Assistance (LTA) program, DAI Tanzania