FAO E-Learning: Addressing Tenure Issues in the Context of Natural Disasters

This module is part of FAO's Responsible Governance of Tenure E-Learning Programme

One of the impacts of climate change is an increase in the incidence, severity and unpredictability of natural disasters. This e-learning course explains how livelihoods and tenure rights are affected by natural disasters, and illustrates how responsible governance of tenure of land, fisheries and forests can support a disaster management process through improved prevention, mitigation, preparedness, emergency response, and recovery and reconstruction.

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The curriculum primarily addresses "change agents" - i.e. people who can have a direct impact by introducing changes in how tenure is governed. They include national policy makers and administrators, surveyors, trainers, legal support providers, civil society and non-governmental organizations, advocacy, control and monitoring professionals.


The course consists of 3 lessons, of approximately 40 to 45 minutes duration each:

  • Lesson 1 Responsible governance of tenure and natural disasters
  • Lesson 2 Addressing tenure issues in the pre-disaster period
  • Lesson 3 Addressing tenure issues in the post-disaster period