ILC Network survey report 2018 by Keystone

In 2009, the International Land Coalition was part of a larger cohort of transnational social change networks that conducted comparative performance surveys. In 2012 and 2014, the ILC decided to repeat the same survey, comparing its results over the years. In response to internal structural changes to its network, in 2018 the ILC decided to administer another performance survey to determine how these changes are perceived by its members and affect the overall dynamics of the network.

This executive summary provides an overview of the International Land Coalition’s performance, underlining the key findings for each performance category. Where possible, comparisons to previous years are drawn. As a result of these survey design changes and in lieu of baseline data, Keystone employs the Net Performance Analysis (see Annex 3), allowing it to compare and benchmark ILC’s data against that of a global cohort of networks. The International Land Coalition’s performance was analysed by focussing on five main categories: Engagement and role of the ILC network, Regional and National Engagement Strategy Platforms, relationship and communication, participation and effectiveness of network, and understanding and learning. The questionnaire was sent to 202 members, out of which 71 members responded, yielding a response rate of 35%. A detailed breakdown of respondents is provided in the main report.

ILC Network survey report 2018