Learning for Land Tool Development and Implementation

This Good Practice Guide has been developed for use by our colleagues and partners in implementing the GLTN capacity development strategy at country level. It is based on practical experience gained in the course our work during GLTN Phase 2, specifically in the development and application of pro-poor, gender responsive land tools. In our experience, learning is a fundamental precondition for the successful innovations that are so urgently needed to achieve responsible land administration for secure land and property rights for all.

The Guide is presented here as a living document, to be improved over time as we jointly explore and develop improved methods and processes of good learning practice. Readers and users are encouraged to send their critique and suggestions to gltn@unhabitat.org. To facilitate adaptation and use of the various tools provided, the guide is available in soft copy in PDF and MsWord formats. Thank you in advance for your contributions. To obtain a copy in either format, please let us know at the above address. Please acknowledge GLTN and UN-Habitat when using any of the provided materials.