Membership Strategy 2017

Vibrancy, engagement and expansion

The International Land Coalition (ILC) enters its third decade as a diverse and growing network of 206 Members in over 64 countries. ILC brings together diverse organisations -  from intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations, research centres and academic institutions, think tanks, producer organisations and social movements, networks and membership organisations - come together on equal terms with a transformative vision for land governance. ILC is a platform guided by core values of human rights, striving to achieve justice and equity, including through a strong focus on gender justice.

ILC is a coalition of equals with space for each member to listen to and engage with each other in a climate of mutual respect. ILC’s Members appreciate and capitalise upon ILC’s diversity of and work together as a coalition of equals. Being different types of organisations, they have different strengths but all engage and collaborate equally, based on their individual capacities, in achieving the overall goal.  

The 2015 Assembly of Members requested a new Membership Strategy to be developed to accompany the 2016-2021 Strategy and Roadmap. The Council appointed a Membership Committee to lead its development, for approval by the 28th Council in December 2016. The Strategy was drafted through a survey of all members in June 2016, followed by consultations with members during their regional assemblies in September/November 2016.