ONLINE COURSE - World Bank Environmental and Social Framework

Interested to learn about the Environmental and Social Framework (ESF)? The World Bank offers an online course entitled “ESF Fundamentals” aimed at environmental and social practitioners who are interested in an in-depth knowledge of the ESF. The course is free.

The ESF enables the World Bank and Borrowers to better manage environmental and social risks and to improve development outcomes. The “ESF Fundamentals” course delves into each of the ESF Environmental and Social Standards (ESS). It includes videos and two case studies with stakeholders demonstrating and sharing helpful approaches, mindsets and behaviors that are key to successful implementations of the ESF. It comprises 8 modules and takes about 8 hours to complete.

To note: This course was developed for World Bank environmental and social specialists and therefore some references may be specific to World Bank staff.


1. Overview
2. ESF Policy and Directives
3. Assessment and Management of Environmental and Social Risks and Impacts ESS1
4. Stakeholder Engagement and Information Disclosure ESS10
5. Case study: Port Redevelopment Project
6. Case study: Multi-Purpose Dam Project
7. Financial Intermediaries ESS9
8. Summary

For a shorter course, providing a general introduction of the ESF, take the “ESF Introduction” elearning, also available at the Online Learning Campus,  which comprises 4 modules and takes about 2 hours to complete.

The ESF Fundamentals course will be available in multiple languages. French and Spanish are coming soon. Other languages will be added as they become available.