Triennial Report 2016 - 2018

The Triennial Report 2016 - 2018 presents the Coalition's contributions to our 10 commitments over the last three years in the context of broader land rights trends and developments. Find out more about how we have been working with our member organisations, and through National Engagement Strategies (NES) and Commitment-Based Initiatives (CBIs), to leverage a wide and diverse network for progress towards people-centred land governance. 

The members of the International Land Coalition share one goal: bringing about people-centred land governance. This means putting those who live on and from the land at the centre of decision-making. Too often, they are excluded from decisions about their land by those in power. The political and economic systems that allow the powerful few to decide over the lives of many perpetuate injustice and inequality. Achieving our goal demands structural, systemic change.