UNCCD Knowledge Hub

The UNCCD Knowledge Hub aims to support knowledge-management tasks, together with the Committee on Science and Technology (CST), by providing a framework for organizing scientific and technical information and access to best practices.

By capturing, structuring and delivering information from partner archives, the Knowledge Hub:

  1. Connects national, regional and global platforms and networks to create an access point for sharing proven best practices and scientific knowledge on DLDD. The Knowledge Hub is designed to improve connections and knowledge flow between DLDD and information-seekers.
  2. Collaboratively designs and supports a tool to disseminate DLDD knowledge developed by field leaders and to improve the quality of information available for users.
  3. Improves access to technical DLDD information via a customizable search navigation tool to help users achieve better search results across various research topics and information formats, including multimedia and maps.

Explore the Hub at https://knowledge.unccd.int