II Reunión Global de la Plataforma Feminista por la Tierra

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Se crea la Plataforma por la Defensa de la Tierra y el Territorio de Guatemala

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Más de 70 organizaciones de Latinoamérica advierten la necesidad de nuevas reformas agrarias integrales en la región

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What we do

ECADERT Framework

Working with small farmers and Indigenous communities in the Trifinio region of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras to: 

  • Strenghthen their capacity to participate in land use/governance processes
  • Analyse and formulate proposals on access to, ownership and governance of land
  • Generate spaces for dialogue and ensure inclusive participation in programs related to the management of territores and land governance 

Communal Land Governance: 

  • Raising thevisibility and promoting the value of communal land ownership
  • Organising exchange programmes and knowledge and learning processes 
  • Documenting best practices on communal land governance.

Rural Women and Land Rights

  • Empowering and strengthening  political capacity among peasant, indigenous and Afro-descendant rural women to secure access to land and other natural resources
  • Influencing international, regional and national organizations in favour of measures and policies which reflect needs and land rights of rural women
  • Supporting access to and participation in land initiatives for rural women.

Land and Territorial Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Afro-descendants

  • Documenting land, territory and natural resource rights violations faced by Indigenous Peoples and Afro-descendants
  • Promoting the inspection and legal safeguards of land, territories and natural resources belonging to Indigenous Peoples and Afro-descendants
  • Impacting national and regional contexts in order to ensure the rights of Indigenous Peoples and Afro-descendants are respected

Semiáridos (

  • Strengthen capacities of CSOs and key stakeholders regarding access to and control over land, territories and water in semi-arid areas, and promote good practices.
  • Systematize and disseminate knowledge on land and water issues in semi-arid regions.
  • To support political advocacy processes of indigenous and peasant organizations in semi-arid areas to effectively access to, use and manage their water, land and territories.

Rural Youth and Access to Land

  • Training young leaders in political advocacy, organizational management, etc. to defend rights to land and territories.
  • Promoting rural youth and intergenerational dialogue in the land rights agenda and increasing visibility to the role of youth in rural development.
  • Contributing to public policies responding to development needs and the support needed by rural youth (access to land, transfer of assets, etc.)
  • Generating and disseminating knowledge (experiences, good practices, etc.) on rural youth and their access to land and other assets.

Red Regional de Observatorios de la Tierra y el Territorio 

  • Generating and promoting information about land tenure structures, legislation and regulatory frameworks, land concentration, agrarian conflicts, etc.
  • Joining up with national and regional advocacy initiatives to reinforce civil action and the defence of land rights and territory

Land Matrix Latin America Focal Point

Collecting and systematising information on land transactions in Latin America.

Defence of Territories and Protection of Human Rights Defenders

  • Expanding social organisation's legitimacy in their struggles for land rights. 
  • Strengthening capacities of human rights defenders to defend territories and land rights.
  • Promoting tools to defend community leaders.
  • Systematising and disseminating good practices on how to defend Indigenous Peoples land rights and territories.